About Get Traveling

About Jessica Wrobel - Owner - Travel Agent Intuitive

"I have more than 7 years experience in the travel industry.

I love to learn and I have a true passion for discovering and exploring the mysteries and hidden gems of this beautiful world. The knowledge I acquire allows me to be your guide to amazing places. I feel very privileged to assist others in living their dreams through travel. I love being a Travel Agent!

If youíre in need of a vacation but you just donít know where to go that will give you exactly what your needing, then contact me for help with this. Iíll guide you through this decision making process easily and seamlessly. Call me to share your vacation struggles and discuss solutions, free of charge."

About the Company

Our mission is to save you money, time, & reduce hassles; be your travel resource, problem solver, and help you plan the trip of your dreams or simply a seamless business trip that accommodates all of your needs and frees up more of your time to put towards business or personal needs.

We at GET TRAVELING focus on providing:

  • Excellent customer service
  • Meaningful leisure travel experiences
  • Much needed travel solutions to organizations who rely on travel to grow their business

We also believe that you should never be without the solution oriented customer support of a Travel Agent. We believe having someone to call for help when a problem occurs or questions arise, who is willing to guide you to a solution that is in your best interests, will make all the difference for you. Thatís why we combined the Travel Agent service with the on-line travel agency to add more value and greater support with you in mind.

We call this combining the best of both worlds!

To learn more about what this means click the link below:

Why Book On-line With Us (PDF)