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Holistic Health & Life Style Coaching

Not only is spirituality important but our body is what houses our spirit and it is our vehicle for life. How we take care of it determines how well we can create the life we truly desire. This service is about coaching you and supporting you in creating new and healthier habits that will nourish your body, increase your energy on a daily basis, mental clarity, deeper connection with yourself and your divine connection from within as well as contribute to increasing the level of confidence you have within yourself.

Heal your life through proper nutrient intake from the right foods, the proper exercise your body needs and a positively focused mindset. The coaching I will give you will be tailored to your specific needs. I will share my knowledge, experience, tools, and resources with you that I have acquired over the years that have helped me to restore my own personal health.

Some of the areas we will touch upon include but are not limited to:

  • Diet and exercise for healthier living. (Includes integrating the Blood Type Diet)
  • Becoming more aware of toxins, where they reside and how to reduce / eliminate toxins in your daily life.
  • Learn how to distinguish between true quality and good marketing in the market place with food, supplements, and products for everyday life.
  • Learn more about natural healing alternatives
  • Learn how to balance your life (mind, body & spirit) by making healthier daily habits
  • Learn more about foods and the healing benefits of them as well as what foods to avoid.
  • Learn how to eliminate sugar and caffeine from your diet and replace it with something better while increasing your body’s natural source of energy and vitality.

Healthy Lifestyle Coaching Energy Exchange:

30 Minute session $45

45 minute session $60

60 minute session $75

Click "Get Started Here" to email me for a free initial consultation to discuss your personal goals, get to know each other and determine if my services are right for you or to set started now by setting up a Healthy Lifestyle Coaching Session.

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My Personal Story

“From an early age I was exposed to alternative medicine; which for me started at the age of eight years old when my mother took a job working for Naturopathic Doctors. Her career continued for 10 years with these doctors and they became my prime source of health care during that time. Around the age of 17 years old I began trying out a new Holistic Doctor that my dad discovered and introduced me to. I decided to give this holistic doctor a try because I was frustrated with the most recent experience I had with my naturalpathic doctor. He had accidentally given me the wrong remedy treatment and the emotional impact it had on my was so extreme that after that experience my mother could not get me to go back to his office so he could correct the mistake. So from there I chose to look into another Holistic doctor that my Dad introduced me to at that time. I was amazed by the simple results I was getting right away with him. It was effortless for him to target the problem I was having whether if was physical, emotional, or mental related. He helped me to restore my health in all areas. Struggles I was dealing with all my life were now being resolved and going away for good. I continued to work with him whenever I needed help with a health challenge and continued to be his patient for the next fifteen years of my life. During those years I excepted a job to work in his office. I worked directly with him and his patients. I was the doctor’s assistant. What I learned and witnessed while working there would forever change the way I viewed health care but also gave me more knowledge and tools on how to be healthy in my body and how to do it with the power of whole foods, and natural resources grown directly from our earth. I’ve also worked for multiple chiropractors, studied in depth the Blood Type Diet and many other methods of natural healing during this time period and am constantly studying to further my knowledge and awareness of the art of alternative healing and wellness options. My passion is to share with you what I have learned, what has worked for me, and teach you how to understand your body more closely, and its uniqueness so you will know how to identify on your own what your body truly needs in order to be healthy and strong.”

Jessica Wrobel